Our Solution

Our Solution

We offer simple, user-friendly platforms for growth for community lenders and other partners to scale their business, support more customers, and strengthen underserved markets across the United States.

Redefining the community lender market

We identify and support key underserved customer segments with highly focused capabilities propelled by digital technology.

Segmenting the market by business sector

We provide technical assistance, training, and support that is specific to individual business sectors.

Helping organizations simplify and scale

We provide community lenders an affordable digital product to match specific programs with their clients’ needs. As a result, we help organizations simplify, automate, and drive scale across the industry. 

Reducing costs for lenders and clients

- Cut by nearly 70% the cost to originate new customers and loans - Reduce application rejections by 90% - Reduce acquisition costs by 50%

Here’s the problem we’re addressing

Competitive challenges

Community lenders operate in local, highly fragmented markets. They lack a comprehensive digital platform to support their clients and compete effectively.​

Technology gap

Community lenders work with legacy origination models: long application cycles + complex manual processes​.

Cost barriers

Community lender investment and capital costs are 5x higher than for-profit and other larger, well-capitalized institutions.​

Unmet client needs

1. Access to capital​ 2. Technical assistance​ 3. A partner to help grow their businesses

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